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This website is provided by CATERIDEAS. Use of this website is subject to some conditions. We recommend reading them carefully and being sure about its understating because it means the acceptance of them. Use Conditions Access to contents located in is subject to the following use conditions. Website User assumes each consequence, damage or action derived from access, reproduction, and diffusion to contents including loss of some benefits. CATERIDEAS will not be the responsible for user or client infractions which can affect other CATERIDEAS user or client rights, or third part, including copyright, brands, patents, confidential information or another kind of industrial or intellectual property rights. CATERIDEAS does not guarantee information, texts, graphics and links accuracy or another kind of dates accuracy located in this website. This website information is subjected to changes without prior warning and it does not represent any obligation to CATERIDEAS. Website materials use This website is a CATERIDEAS property and it is designed to spread information, formation and communication of professional service industry products. It is forbidden without CATERIDEAS prior warning to reproduce, distribute, modify, show or prepare any work based in this website. It is forbidden as well to use this website contents within commercial purposes. Privacy Policy CATERIDEAS compromises to respect anyone privacy while website is being visited. In that statement, you will find the regulation of dates compilation and distribution. CATERIDEAS will collect personal information in case that people provide them voluntary. Personal information includes name, address, email, etc. There is no need to provide this information to access to the website. Information provided will be kept and it will be treated as confidential information by CATERIDEAS .They will be never used commercially or provided by CATERIDEAS to a third part. Provided dates will be used by CATERIDEAS to answer your request or send you requested information about our company or our products. CATERIDEAS has used suitable procedures to protect the website from non-authorized use, loss or our date\\\\\\\'s modification .However, CATERIDEAS has no obligation with non-authorized third part use or consequences loss for its use. This website may have hyperlinks to other companies. CATERIDEAS is not responsible for the practices of other private companies. We recommend strongly reading Legal Statement and this website Privacy Policy. If you do not want CATERIDEAS keep described dates, they can be canceled as soon as we receive a mail with your request in .It is recommended that in your request do not forget to write \\\\\\\"delete\\\\\\\" in the subject of your request and your personal information in the text. In case you have any question related to this Privacy Statement, our procedures or your interaction with this website, do not hesitate to contact us. Dates Protection According to Organic Law 15/1999, the 13rd of December, Personal Dates Protection and Organic Law 34/2002 from Information Society Service and Electronic business, CATERIDEAS inform you about: 1) dates marked with a (*) are obligatory to be filled in to deal user registration in this website, and 2) Personal information we are provided with, will be directed to an automated file whose main responsible is CATERIDEAS EVOLUTION S.L. (ESB54969902), located in C/ General Espartero, 18, 03012 Alicante (Spain), Tel: +34 966 590 300, Fax: +34 965 990 701.Its only purpose is to send information and article and services promotions suitable to clients or users. Sending may be by post or by electronic mail. In case you do not want to receive any commercial information, you can cancel your registration sending us an email with your request to .It is recommended that in your request do not forget to write \\\\\\\"delete\\\\\\\" in the subject of your request and your personal information in the text. Your personal information will be deal as confidential and they will not be transferred to any person or company. You may exercise your rights about access, rectification, cancellation or opposition by post to the address described above with an identification card copy or another kind of identification. Responsibility Exclusion This website material can fall in some technical errors. Use and consult this website is your responsibility. Neither CATERIDEAS nor any person who worked in this website creation or production will be responsible for any direct, indirect, emergent, incidental or punitive damage developed as consequence of this website access or use. CATERIDEAS does not guarantee that any functional website aspect does not have any interruption, errors or website server has no virus or other damaging items. If using this website or its material produces a reparation need or a component, material or system needs to be changed, CATERIDEAS will not be responsible for the costs. CATERIDEAS reserves the right to make modifications without a prior warning. Copyright All contents you can see or read in this website are protected unless none indicate an opposite thing and it cannot use without prior written CATERIDEAS warning, excepting the items developed in these conditions or in website text. CATERIDEAS does not guarantee legality use of materials website by the users. Pictures, photographs or illustrations showed in this website can be both CATERDIDEAS property or used thanks to an authorization by appropriate people. The use of this material by you or other kind of people is forbidden unless this is allowed by these conditions or authorized in this website. Any non authorized use of the images can break the copyright laws, brands, personal information and advertisement, protection laws, statements and communication statues.
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